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Designing & Building DriftWood & Cedar Home Furniture

Given that the homeowner who employed me was located no more than a city block from the beach, as well as the fact that she was leaning towards a natural look for her home furniture needs, driftwood and local rough-cut cedar felt like a good approach. The bedroom shelf which was to be placed alongside her window consisted of several selected pieces of driftwood. The support pieces along each side were cut to brace the main shelving area and a beautiful piece of driftwood which has the features of a bird's wing was installed in the centre for aesthetic purposes.

This shelving unit was created out of old gas pipe fittings and rough-cut cedar. The wood was beaten with various tools and materials to provide a weathered look and was then thoroughly burnt with a blow torch. The shelves were then sealed with a home-made beeswax and coconut oil medley.

These hexagon shaped shelves were also built using rough-cut cedar and endured similar treatment to that of the gas pipe shelving units.

This matching bench and dining table were built using gas pip fittings and solid cast iron legs. And, yes, you guessed it! they were both made out of rough-cut cedar and treated as all cedar furniture was during the building process.

If you're located in Victoria, BC of Vancouver Island and would like some custom furniture built which utilizes local wood, please visit us at www.beyondhandy.ca We would love to hear from you and discuss your project!

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