Step 1:

Email us at or call us at 250-514-3466 with your project details and contact information. We will get back to you within one business day to discuss your project.

Step 2:

We will confirm that you have read and understood the consultation process and the associated fee (see "Rates and Fees" below). We will then arrange a day/time which works best for you in order to provide a consultation and discuss your preferred method of payment.

Step 3:

We will contact you the morning of the scheduled consultation date to confirm the site-visit.

Step 4:

Once the consultation has been conducted and all project parameters have been discussed and taken into account, we will send you an email containing a fixed price proposal for your review, a payment schedule, and an estimated time-frame in which to begin the project.

Step 5:

If you wish to proceed with the project, we require a 10% deposit of the proposed costs to secure the booking. Once the deposit has been received we will contact you to confirm the payment and the scheduled start date. 

Step 6:

We will contact you several days prior to the scheduled start date to confirm that the schedule still works for you. We will remain in communication with you throughout the scope of your project until it is completed and the final payment has been issued.

Step 7:

We will send you a follow-up email to confirm that you're happy with the end result and provide you with a record of payment. If you feel so inclined, we will also present you with an opportunity to rate and review Beyond Handy Services on Google. Not only are ratings and reviews greatly appreciated by us, but they also help to keep small businesses such as ours in business. Thank you for your support!

~ Rates & Fees ~
Small & Odd Jobs:

We have a minimum fee that has to be met  for small projects which are relatively straightforward and do not require a site-visit prior to conducting the work. This does not include materials and expenses incurred in relation to your project. Please let us know the details of your project and we can then determine the scope of work involved.

Any project which takes beyond 2 hours of physical labour is then subject to a consultation and the corresponding fees.


We provide fixed price proposals on larger projects which entail a fee of $73.50 (including GST) to provide an on-site consultation and to prepare a thorough quote for your review. These fees are deducted from the proposed project costs. 

In regards to payment, consultation fees are due directly upon completion of the site-visit. Method of payment consists of cash, cheque, or e-transfer to