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Who We Are:

We are a small team of tradesmen who enjoy honing our crafts while servicing both the residential and commercial markets in Victoria, BC. Each of our team members specializes in a unique trade, from masonry to carpentry and cabinet making, while possessing a wide-range of skill sets which are well suited for repairing and improving your home or business. Our vision for this company is to lend our talents when needed to improve our community, while providing quality workmanship and a personable experience. 
Handyman, Victoria BC, Beyond Handy, Repairs, Renovations
Handyman, Victoria BC, Beyond Handy, Renovations, Repairs

Why Choose Us:

As a fully insured and registered business within the city of Victoria, BC, we provide outstanding service at fair market value when it comes to completing tasks, whether big or small. Our customers continue to utilize our services for this very reason. Our team at Beyond Handy has been proudly and reliably fulfilling the needs of both homeowners and businesses within Victoria, BC for over 5 years. We have established ourselves as a trustworthy and dependable group of home and business improvement specialists which continue to meet the growing needs of our clients. We love working with our hands, and improving our local community in the process. These qualities show in our workmanship and in the excellent service we provide. 

When To Use Us For Your Project:

We specialize in a wide variety of small and unique projects that need a professional touch. While we can handle any home or business related renovations, we are not certified electricians, plumbers, or gas fitters. For example, we are insured for and capable of handling light plumbing and electrical needs such as rewiring ceiling fans, installing track lights, fixing sinks, replacing shower heads, etc., but we are not licensed or permitted to revamp a breaker box or redo plumbing lines. If your home or storefront needs a light renovation, cabinets re-faced, drywall patched, painting, shelving built and/or installed, then we would be the company to call.

We take on projects that most general contractors won’t, such as to-do lists which entail sanding and re-sealing a deck, installing closet cabinets and shelving, TV wall mount applications, building garden beds, outdoor sheds, etc. In essence, we are well-suited for homeowners and businesses that require a variety of small projects to be handled with expertise and professionalism. 

Handyman, Victoria BC, Beyond Handy, Repairs, Renovations

What Areas Do We Service?

We work with everyone from homeowners to Strata complexes, general contractors, local businesses, and national contractors within a 10km radius from our shop space in south Fairfield, Victoria, BC. 


Beyond Handy of Victoria, B.C. is happy to lend a capable hand to any home or business owner within Greater Victoria. From minor repair services and upgrades to renovations and property maintenance, we are well versed in every aspect of construction. Whether you're a homeowner, part of a strata, property management company, or own a business which requires a quality and dependable team of professional tradesmen, Beyond Handy Services Ltd possesses the knowledge and equipment to see your next project through to completion. 

No job is too small, no project list is too long. Please visit our 'How It Works' page prior to contacting us to arrange a consultation. 

Handyman, Victoria BC, Beyond Handy, Repairs, Renovations

From Back Framing  to Woodworking and Interior Finishing, we've got you covered...

Handyman, Victoria BC, Beyond Handy, Repairs, Renovations

Any and all light plumbing projects such as leaky faucets, shower head replacements...

Handyman, Victoria BC, Beyond Handy, Repairs, Renovations

Lighting fixtures, smoke detectors, small appliances, any of your small electrical needs...

Handyman, Victoria BC, Beyond Handy, Repairs, Renovations

Including drywall repairs and installations prior to a fresh coat of paint...

Handyman, Victoria BC, Beyond Handy, Repairs, Renovations

We offer  both commercial and strata maintenance services throughout Greater Victoria...

However odd the job, we're here to complete it!

Property Management & Maintenance:

We are here to make the lives of individuals and business owners less complicated. Are you a property management company or an individual with multiple homes in need of repairs or maintenance? Allow us to remove the hassle of coordinating gardeners, painters, gutter cleaners, and other trades from your shoulders and put it all on ours instead! 
Beyond Handy, Handyman, Victoria BC, Repairs, Renovations

Home Improvements & Renovations:

When it comes to home improvements and repairs, there isn't much we can't handle. We have had the pleasure of building custom furniture such as tables, shelving, couches, and chairs, to tiling backsplashes, fireplaces, and washrooms, to patching drywall, painting houses and constructing decks.
We are here to make your life less complicated by providing a professional service and quality workmanship when it comes to repairing or renovating your home.
Handyman, Victoria BC, Beyond Handy, Repairs, Renovations

Commercial Repairs & Renovations:

Are you a business owner or a corporation with store-fronts in the Greater Victoria area? We have had the pleasure of repairing and upgrading everything from small restaurants and bookstores to big box outlets such as Shaw, Virgin Mobile, Telus, Canadian Tire, Pet Smart, Walmart, and a variety of other commercial businesses over the past decade. With a broad range of knowledge and expertise in the construction field, we have all of your needs covered from floor to ceiling.  


Beyond Handy Ltd. of Victoria, BC is a small group of passionate, personable, and detail oriented tradesmen. We are fully licensed and insured with extensive knowledge pertaining to building codes in the city of Victoria, BC. As proud members of Work Safe BC and the Better Business Bureau, we adhere to ethical and safe operating practices while utilizing energy efficient building components, supporting local businesses and manufacturers, reusing and recycling materials whenever possible, and adhering to all CRD regulations. With over 80 years of combined construction industry experience, we have the expertise and specialized skill sets to tackle your next project. 

Handyman, Victoria BC, Beyond Handy, Repairs, Renovations
Handyman, Victoria BC, Beyond Handy, Repairs, Renovations
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